Are these errors caused by my music recording software?

Once I started getting into music, I downloaded some software for recording and mixing the music I make. Not only is it fun for me, but it allows me to look at my music from a different perspective. The worst part about some of these programs I’m using is that they seem to not be favorites of my computer. I sometimes get errors with them (or just my computer) and it doesn’t even let me do anything when it happens.

To give you a little background on my situation, I have a Windows computer and the software I’ve used is by Cakewalk. I did a bunch of research in their community area and didn’t find anybody else have super similar problems that I’m having. Of course some people have issues installing or using the programs, but not like the errors I’m about to show you.

The problems got so annoying that I was about to buy a new Dell because I was tired of dealing with this junk.

What the BLEEP is the svchost.exe file for?

I did some research because the svchost file is one that kept giving me errors. I found this super helpful YouTube video that you should watch if you’re getting any similar errors. It’s only 3 minutes long and outlines some tips you can take to quickly optimize your computer. Be careful and make sure you know what you’re doing so you don’t bust something!

On top of watching that video, I found some other sites that explained how to remove svchost.exe virus and had some other articles too. After all my research, I was starting to feel better about that error. Oh, I didn’t mention that wasn’t the only thing that was happening!

Bring on the dreaded rundll32.exe messages…

Yep, you heard me. The other file I was getting errors for was rundll32.exe. Talk about a pain in the neck. Not one system file causing me grief – it was two of the more important system files being annoying at the same time! The good news is the rundll32 file was a slight mistake on my part – I moved the file so it wasn’t recognizing the correct location – phew! That also means I didn’t have the rundll32.exe virus which I’ve read about. That would have been awful.

After all my research and some minor changes, it looks like I’m back up and running. I talked to a couple friends who are really good at troubleshooting and fixing computers – that was worth it for sure. All I had to do was buy them dinner and a few… beverages. :-)

And, by the way, I’m super glad I didn’t pull the trigger and buy myself a new computer after all this hassle. That would have set me back a bit!

If you have any tips or if you’ve seen any of this stuff before, I’d greatly appreciate an email or a message from you.